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i'm just a little girl lost in the moment

apply to be a maker-- somewhat looking


This is an open application to both the members of the community and those who are not. We are looking for talented graphic makers, primarily those good at icons.

Communities you post at:
At least 8 examples of icons:
At least 3 examples of banners, headers, etc. if possible:
Favorite fandoms:
How often you are available to post (at least 2-3 times a month please):
Do you agree to post your icons here and not fake-cuts?:

Also, if you want some constructive criticism, just ask.

*You must post all of your graphics HERE, not a fake-cut to your own journal. You can mention (in your graphics post) that you also post your graphics elsewhere, but please don't do it in every post. I'd be more than happy to affiliate with you.
This is NOT a place to promote your own community.

The comments are screened so only I will see your application!
Recommend friends to the community, either as a member or maker!

If you're accepted:
~I'll give you two weeks to begin posting. It doesn't have to be new stuff, it can be your favorite icons/graphics from the past, it doesn't matter.
~I'll add your name in the userinfo after 3 graphic posts.
~Make sure to always tag your entries. Check out the past tags on the sidebar to get ideas on how you should do it.
~Mention somewhere in your userinfo/journal that you post your graphics here.

If you are inactive for long periods of time without speaking to me, you'll be removed as a maker so just let me know if something comes up and you won't be around!

i am not looking for any new makers at the moment, but feel free to leave an application for the next time i am! if i see an application i really like, i might go ahead and add you! :)
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